Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Games at a glance for ESL


Here is a website that you as a teacher can go to really quick to get any kind of game from vocabulary to pronunciation anything.

They offer many different levels as well. This site is good for anyone who wants to add a game to their lesson or wants to have a fun game day!

Some of the games are hard to understand but they can be adapted. The idea is there and so they can be worked from there.

Some of the games can be played on the computer and others are a printout idea or cards to be printed or a worksheet type of game. But there is so much to choose from. Make sure that you spend some time looking before you just go to it.

This site could be overwhelming for students so the teacher should go first and have the instructions for students because it exceeds the three click rule.

Have fun with it though and there is lots to choose from!


Mah Boon Yih said...
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Bethany said...

Hi Miss Joyceln, I stumbled across your blog. I am new to the field;I just started a TESL masters program. But I am tutoring several ESL students. One of my students is intermediate high or advanced, and her goal is to Americanize her English and get into grad school; do you have any recommendations of textbooks or Toefl study materials??? Thanks!